Welcome in Green Kortenoord

In ‘Groen Kortenoord’ people from all over Kortenoord (Mosaic district, Tuinwijk and soon Buitenoord) work together informally to make the greenery in the district more attractive. We are started end 2019, see https://groenkortenoord.nl/een-jaar-groen-kortenoord-2/
Check our green blog regularly for the developments  See here for a short history in Dutch. For example by providing: pleasant play green with a lot of natural value edible green: fruit, nuts, herbs green that brings color and scent to the streets and parks. This is how we work together

Some residents especially want to work outside together. Others like to organize an activity, yet others want to consult with the municipality or the new school. We meet irregularly, sometimes with the whole group (50-60 people), sometimes in smaller groups, for example as residents around one green strip. A group of about 7 people meets more often, works on the newsletter, the website, takes initiative for activities and consults with the municipality.

Are you also participating? Groen Kortenoord is there for all Nieuw Kortenoord residents. The more people participate in one way or another, the more fun!

Do you want to join? Gladly! Join the Nextdoor group Groen Kortenoord or send an email to groenkortenoord@gmail.com.

This website is still under construction. If you have any suggestions for the website, email them to redaktiewebsitegroenkortenoord@gmail.com