green library Kortenoord

The english text form the WUR-student project

Starting: Groene Biep
‘The first edible hotspot’
The total budget is €1500,-. Divided by four groups results in a budget of 374 euros. With that, we will built
the Groene Bieb (Green Library)!
We got the opportunity to come up with an idea that could actually be implemented in the neighbourhood
due to a budget that the municipality made available.
We found it important to come up with an intervention that will stimulated a healthy food environment in
Kortenoord. An intervention that will encourage the citizens to eat more local, sustainable and healthy. An
intervention that will stimulate citizens to grow theirown food. For 375 euro we will place a Green Library
in Kortenoord. This is a place where people can exchange plants, cuttings and seeds. We have chosen
for this idea because it is original, feasible, inclusive and for the longer term.

Besides, this idea connects to, and builds upon, an already successful event (Stekjestocht) that Groen Kortenoord have organized in the neighbourhood. Besides our idea target the meaning, competences and materials, which are the elements of a complete practise. Material is covered because the Green Library provides a place where the citizens of Kortenoord can go
to get plants, cuttings and seeds that others have put there, and a place where citizens can meet each other
and where they can get their recipes to make food.
Our idea covers also competences needed, because citizens can learn about plant care basics, seasonal vegetables and how to prepare food. Lastly, the meaning behind the Green Library is social, well-being, educational and creating awareness of eating local healthy
and sustainable food. This way, the Groene Bieb will plant a seed in the mind of residents, a starting point for a healthy food environment in Kortenoord