How rich is our neighbourhood?

How rich is our neighbourhood?!

Help to map out all kinds of animals, plants and trees in Kortenoord. What is in your own garden? And what kinds are coming for it public greenery of Kortenoord?

You can participate in 2 ways:

1. Make an inventory of one of the green strips in Kortenoord on Sunday 21 June. Take an inventory and count the types of plants, trees and animals in the various green strips in Kortenoord.
We gather at 10.30 am (with 1.5 m distance, bring your own mug of coffee / tea) in the “playground strip” at the big willow tree.
There follows an explanation of how to inventory the species. Then you go alone or with others to one or more green areas and count the species with the help of a form. All data is then collected and placed in a database.

For young and old, experienced or inexperienced!

Do you want to know something about a species in your own garden? The plant and animal connoisseurs from Kortenoord who are there on Sunday, are happy to take a look with you.

See you on Sunday June 21! Do you have a question or suggestion? Mail

2. Complete this survey about animals in your own garden. Indicate which types of animals come into your garden, perhaps even live or breed. A blackbird, robin, chiffchaff? Maybe a hedgehog, hare or the green woodpecker?
Duration: approximately 5 minutes