74 additional trees in Kortenoord

Additional tree planting Kortenoord
A frequently heard request in the Kortenoord district is to plant more trees and to replace a number of dead trees. This year there is the opportunity to do this. The map below shows where we as the municipality of Wageningen are going to plant additional trees. It concerns 74 trees. Many different species have been chosen, including a number of fruit trees and nut trees. Although trees can of course also cause nuisance in addition to value, when choosing their species and location, the prevention of nuisance has been taken into account as much as possible. You can see the locations in the map below. The list shows which species will be planted per street. It is expected that plantings will be in the period end of November 2020– March 2021. Preparatory work such as removing dead trees is expected to take place this month of November 2020.

Tree type and location
Tree species (scientific) Street Number (pieces)

Acer platanoides Inner harbor 1
Acer platanoides Harmen Meurspad 1
Acer platanoides Jan Jordensstraat 1
Acer platanoides Nijlantsingel 1
Acer pseudoplatanus Inner harbor 11
Acer pseudoplatanus Nieuwe Singel 2
Acer pseudoplatanus Nijlantsingel 1
Alnus Jan Jordensstraat 2
Alnus spaethii Christinaweg 1
Amalanchier laevordensstraat 2
Amalanchier laevis Ballerina Voorburglaan 2
Crataegus succulenta Jubilee Harmen Meurspad 1
Crataegus succulenta Jubilee Van de Weerdstraat 1
Crataegus succulenta Jubilee Willem Berkhemerstraat 1
Fraxinus ornus Arie Peters Jan Jordensstraat 3
Juglans regia Ben van Londenstraat 1
Juglans succulenta Jubilee Van de Weerdstraat 4
Juglans regia Binnenhaven 4
Juglans regiaWeerdstraat 1
Magnolia kobus Jan Jordensstraat 1
Malus baccata Gerrit Zegelaarstraat 1
Malus domestica Alkmene Harmen Meurspad 1
Malus domestica Alkmene Louis Raemaekerslaan 1
Malus domestica Benoni Harmen Meurspad 1
Malus domestica Benoni Van de Weerdstraat 1
Malus domestica James Grievean Louisus Raemaerslaan 1
Willem Platulus hispanica 1
Poppies alba Harmen Meurspad 1
Prunus Pandora Jan Jordensstraat 4
Prunus sargentii Rancho Inner harbor 1
Prunus sargentii Rancho Harmen Meurspad 1
Prunus sargentii Rancho Jan J.de Goedestraat 1
Pyrus communis Louise Bonne dAvranches Louis Raemaekerslaan 1
Pyrus communis Triomphe de Vienne Van de Weerdstraat 1
Quercus phellos Louis Raemaekerslaan 1
Sorbus thuringiaca Fastigiata Jan Jordensstraat 3
Tilia europaea Ben van Londenstraat 2
Tilia platyphyllos Inner harbor 8
Ulmus Columella Herman Meurspad 1
Ulmus laevis Binnenhaven 3
Ulmus laevis Nijlantsingel 1