New activities 2020-2021 in the neighborhood

New activities – are you participating?

The following activities are planned for the autumn of 2020.

There are plans for a Neighborhood Room in the new (Waldorf) school that is being built near the park in Kortenoord. Local residents can organize activities here – from singing to yoga, from meetings to cooking together. The process is not going so fast yet, but the municipality wants to inform residents this autumn. At Groen Kortenoord we like to think along about the Buurtkamer = Neighborhood Room. Do you also want to contribute? Send an email to

The municipality of Wageningen provides subsidies for the construction of green roofs, green facades and green gardens! Did you know that the roofs of all sheds in Kortenoord are suitable for a light green roof with low-maintenance sedum plants (‘sedum-light’)? Easy to install yourself. Helaas, the subsidie for 2020 is already filled in, maybe a new chance in 2021.
There are ideas to organize collective purchasing and construction action in Kortenoord for those who want such a green roof. That saves costs and doing together can also be more fun. Are you interested? Send an email to

We want to map out all the trees in the neighborhood this autumn or else in the spring of 2021: what species are there, what is their position? If you would like to make an inventory, please register via

There are ideas for creating a composting place in the neighborhood (a place of 5 x 5 meters, surrounded by a green hedge). Anyone from Kortenoord can then bring garden and pruning waste here. Some ‘compost masters’ see to it that this garden waste turns into ‘black gold’ within a few weeks: compost for the gardens. Residents can collect it – instead of buying expensive bags of compost from a garden center. In this way we get a short cycle in our own neighborhood.

An idea of ​​your own? You want to join?

Do you have an idea for nicer or more beautiful greenery in the neighborhood or for another neighborhood activity? Or do you want to participate in what is already going on? Gladly. Let us know via and someone will contact you.

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